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At Hinboca Dental Clinic we have a total commitment to the maximum quality of our materials and dental implants, as we consider this to be the most important thing in order to do our job well. That is why, in addition to working with the best materials, we also work with the most advanced and prestigious brands in the field of dentistry.

Tratamientos dentales - implantes

Dental implants

The purpose of dental implants is to replace missing teeth, thus forming a firm and robust entity that will provide support for the new tooth.


Conventional, invisible and lingual orthodontics for children and adults is the speciality of dentistry dedicated to the study, prevention and correction of alterations.


Periodontics is the speciality of dentistry that studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies caused by bacteria that damage the tissues that support the teeth.

Dental whitening

Teeth whitening at Hinboca Dental Clinic located in the Las Águilas / Aluche area, is a safe, affordable, comfortable and easy to use treatment.

Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric dentistry, or children's dentistry, is the speciality of dentistry that deals with the examination, diagnosis and treatment of children and even babies.


Endodontics is a treatment commonly known as "nerve killing", it treats the inside of teeth or molars.