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Endodontics is a treatment commonly known as "killing the nerve", it treats the inside of the tooth or molars and allows you to maintain your tooth, the bone and gum surrounding it as well as its function. Endodontically treated teeth can remain in your mouth for the rest of your life.

At Hinboca Clínica Dental the priority is to try to save the tooth. We have the latest advances to carry out conservative treatments such as endodontics.

Always keep in mind...

Endodoncia en Madrid, Aluche

Endodontics is necessary when the nerve pulp is irreversibly affected by deep caries, trauma or periodontitis. In these cases the teeth become sensitive to cold, heat and chewing. Sometimes the teeth have lost all sensitivity because the infection has caused the nerve to be lost (necrosis) and therefore they do not hurt. It may also be advisable to perform endodontics on teeth that require extensive grinding for the subsequent fitting of crowns or bridges.

In most cases, root canals can be performed in a single session, however, in some cases two sessions may be necessary. This treatment is completely painless as highly effective anaesthetics and anaesthetic techniques are used.

Our first priority must be to try to preserve the tooth. When this is not possible, the alternative to endodontics is the replacement of the tooth with an implant, but it must be borne in mind that no form of replacement is comparable to one’s own natural tooth.

At Hinboca Dental Clinic we have the latest advances to carry out conservative treatments such as endodontics; with rotating materials, the use of ultrasound disinfection techniques, hermetic sealing of the canals, digital radiographs, etc.

The aim in our clinic is prevention and therefore to avoid having to perform a root canal. By maintaining correct oral hygiene habits and regular visits to the dentist, we will be able to diagnose any type of pathology that may arise in the mouth in time, thus avoiding greater problems in the future.