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Tecnología de vanguardia para tratamientos dentales en Hinboca

We have the most advanced technology on the market, which allows us to propose the most appropriate solutions for the most complex cases, which is why we specialise in complex dental treatment cases.

For this purpose, we have a Digital 3D Scanner as a high-precision diagnostic tool that allows us to work with maximum safety. It is a tool with which the patient can understand in a very illustrative way on the computer screen exactly what is going on in his or her mouth.

In addition, the patient can see on this 3D image the global planning of their treatment, achieving the desired result with precision and safety. With the 3D scanner in our clinic we offer patients the advantage of not having to travel to a radiology centre to have a CAT scan or a simple panoramic x-ray, but rather they can have the test done on the same day they visit us for the first time.

Tecnología en Hinboca

We also have digital intraoral X-ray equipment in each of our cabinets for those cases in which we want to see a specific area more precisely without the need to radiate the whole mouth.

It is of vital importance to us that our patients can see and understand everything that is going on in their mouth at any time with complete transparency. This is made possible by small high-definition intra-oral cameras connected to a television monitor that reproduce with great precision everything that happens in your oral cavity live.

Finally, we use Cad-Cam technology or computer-aided design technology for all our dentures. It is a system that uses the precision of industrial engineering transferred to the field of dentistry. The laboratory technician uses the computer to design the teeth and creates them in a milling centre.

This result ensures that the prosthesis fits perfectly and that there are no air spaces or gaps through which bacteria can enter. This type of system is only used by around 5% of dentists and allows us to obtain results that we would never be able to achieve with the traditional manual method.