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At Hinboca Dental Clinic we have a total commitment to the maximum quality of our materials and dental implants, as we consider this to be the most important thing in order to do our job well. That is why, in addition to working with the best materials, we also work with the most advanced and prestigious brands in the field of dentistry.

Using this type of material allows us to guarantee our patients the best results, minimising risks and complications in their treatments. The best feedback we can hear from our patients is the satisfaction of knowing that our method of working gives them security.

In particular, in the case of dental implants, we work with the world's leading brand of implants. The placement of a solid and effective base is essential for the support of the dental implant.

If this support is not well made, the treatment will not achieve good results, regardless of how beautiful the prosthesis may be. That is why it is very important to choose a Dental Clinic in Madrid that will always be there when the patient needs it.

At Hinboca Clínica Dental we specialise in the placement of solid and durable bases, which prevent future complications, and which allow us to place implants in almost all cases, without exception. The reliable and responsible placement of dental implants requires many years of training and experience in the field of implantology. We guarantee the duration of our treatments and the quality of our materials, which is why we give our patients a special commitment with no time limit.

Why is there such a difference in the price of
implants offered by some Dental Clinics
in Madrid?

With dental competition being so commoditised by many dental clinics, there are dental implant companies that offer dental implants at very low cost. This low cost is accompanied by a low quality of materials, as well as a lack of experience and scientific rigour of these implants in the long term. It should be borne in mind that it is not only important for an implant to be made of titanium.

Scientific studies

It is necessary for dental implant brands to have the backing of long-term scientific studies, which in our case is backed by more than 35 years of experience. To offer a quality implant, it is not enough for it to be approved and manufactured in the European Union.

Tratamientos dentales - implantes

Implant surface

We work with a dental implant that holds two worldwide patents. One of the patents is the treatment of the surface of the implants by blasting and etching, which allows: faster, safer healing and also allows the bone level around the implant to be maintained.

In our clinic the healing time from the moment the implant is placed until the definitive tooth is placed on the implant is 3 weeks (a third of the time with other brands of dental implants, which are usually 3-4 months).

Being pioneers and at the forefront of dental implantology allows us to carry out treatments such as immediate loading. Immediate loading is a technique that consists of placing screw-retained temporary teeth on the same day as the dental implants are placed. Although it is necessary to wait for some time for the implants to osseointegrate into the bone until the final teeth are in place, it is possible to place fixed temporaries on the same day.

Another patent of our implant is its composition. This implant is not only composed of titanium but is an alloy between titanium and zirconium. Zirconium is a metal from the periodic table that in combination with titanium is equally biocompatible and has the advantage of twice the hardness and strength of titanium-only implants. This allows narrower or shorter implants to support dentures on implants without the risk of fracture or failure in the future.